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The Italian Writing Room


Self-paced course with one live session and fully personalized corrections.

Starting date: 16th of October.

Duration: 4 weeks.

Topic: Arte, stile ed eleganza

Every Monday, for 4 weeks, you will receive your assignment. The live session will be on the week of the 9th of October. You will get the recording, so don’t worry if you can’t make it.

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Writing has been proven as an incredibly effective way of reaching fluency in a language.

This is a unique course that has been designed by us to enable you to practice your Italian consistently and with a focus on communication.

It’s a self-paced course with one live session per month and personalized feedback on the exercises.

You write 4 texts a month (one a week) and record an audio/video reading each text. You get fully personalized feedback on both your text and video/audio. In this way, you can improve and expand your grammar and vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation.

To help you write the text, we always send you guiding questions, a grammar topic to put into practice, and a video to watch (so you work on your listening skills!).

All the topics we choose for the texts are things you would actually talk about (think food, culture, etc.) or related to current events. We want to give you practical skills that you will use when travelling or speaking with your Italian family/friends.

Each month, we also have a live session with all the students to go over the main points we found in the texts.

If you are already studying with us, you also get 10% off the price of the course. Reach out to us to get the coupon!


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