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Do you want to better understand native speakers? 

 Prepare for an enriching journey that unfolds over 4 weeks!

The Italian Listening Room is a self-paced immersive listening course that will elevate your listening skills through engaging conversations and activities on authentic topics that reflect real-life situations

What truly makes this course unique is the presence of diverse voices and accents which immerse you in the rich tapestry of the Italian language. Expertly crafted exercises accompany each audio segment, enabling you to master various subtleties and intricacies of spoken Italian. Our meticulously curated activities provide a structured approach, ensuring consistency in your listening practice while seamlessly expanding your vocabulary within relevant contexts. Engage in hands-on exercises to solidify your learning and receive personalized feedback from our instructors, propelling you toward remarkable advancements in both your communication abilities and listening proficiency

How it works:


This course is for you if:
  • You struggle to undestand spoken Italian
  • You want to listen to more spoken, real-life Italian
  • You need structure and consistency when you practice listening 
  • You want to practice listening with the right guidance and support
  • You want to get used to different accents and ways of speaking
  • You aim to progress from simple to more complex uderstanding of spoken Italian
  • You want to practice listening with the right exercises and resources to improve
  • You want to expand your vocabulary through listening and real-life conversations
Additional benefits:
  • A special return student discount
  • Gain access to our private community for engaging activities and ongoing support
Our course offers a self-paced format, allowing you to progress at your own convenience. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules who are unable to attend live sessions. Each week, a new activity becomes available, accompanied by expert guidance and interactive exercises. This approach empowers you to organize your learning, receive tailored feedback, and maintain motivation throughout the journey. In essence, you're supported every step of the way, ensuring you're never left to navigate alone
After a week of break to recharge and review your progress, you can re-enrol with an exclusive discount.
Absolutely! Every month, our course delves into a new topic, ensuring continuous access to diverse exercises and resources. This dynamic approach enhances your listening proficiency and enriches your vocabulary across a broad spectrum of subjects
5 out of 5
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Enrolled: 141 students
Duration: 4 weeks
Lectures: 16
Level: Intermediate
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