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Topic of the month: Scuola, formazione e lavoro nell’Italia che cambia.
Start date: July 1st


Did you know that writing can boost your language proficiency?


The Italian Writing Room is a 4-week hybrid course crafted to elevate your Italian language skills through the art of writing. 

Our course embraces a relaxed pace, providing a profound insight into your Italian, helping you expand your vocabulary and reinforce grammar. Centered on authentic, current event-based topics and real-life conversations, it contextualizes language rules and vocabulary.

What makes this course truly exceptional is the personalized feedback you receive. Our certified teachers will meticulously review your assignments, offering detailed insights into your writing and pronunciation. This unique approach allows you not only to comprehend your mistakes but also to understand the underlying reasons behind them. The amazing thing is that you can then apply this knowledge when speaking and interacting with others in Italian.

How it works:


This course is for you if:
  • You struggle to express yourself effectively in Italian.
  • You prefer engaging and stimulating practice over traditional exercises.
  • You want to practice vocabulary and grammar in a controlled space.
  • You wish to discuss interesting topics but lack the necessary vocabulary and knowledge.
  • You crave detailed feedback on your Italian to understand and correct mistakes.
  • You aim to progress from simpler to more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary.
  • You want to refine your pronunciation and accent within the natural flow of conversation.
  • You want to maintain your language level without the stress of finding activities online.
Additional benefits:
  • A special 10% return student discount
  • Gain access to our private community 


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