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My Italian Room’s mission is to make you confident and conversational in Italian. We have designed our unique online language courses so you can build strong connections with your Italian heritage and family, or when travelling or living in Italy. This is why we teach real-life Italian in communication-based lesson.

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Learn Italian Online with Native Speakers using SPAC

We are Italian language teachers. Yet we are also language students who know what it means to study a language and become fluent in it (and all the struggles in between!). Based on our experience, we’ve created a method for our online Italian lessons that enables you to achieve fluency and confidence, no matter what your level is. We call it S.P.A.C.

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Support is essential for achieving your goals: think about all the things you achieved because of it.  Through our support and commitment, you will be able to become confident in Italian.  Feedback plays a key role in this. We provide you with personalized feedback that will help you understand what you need to work on. 


We believe that practice is a key aspect when learning a language. For example, through practice, we became fluent in English. For this reason, all our courses and lessons give you plenty of opportunities to practice Italian, especially when it comes to speaking. Remember: interaction with people is key in becoming confident and conversational. 


Teaching authentic Italian is a priority for us. We focus on the authentic language used in Italy. However, there is more – our courses and lessons are always centred on authentic topics you would actually need when interacting with people in Italian, from food and culture to travelling. We want to teach you more than ordering a coffee! 


We believe consistency is what eventually will lead you to fluency, but we understand you might have a busy life (we all have!). For this reason, our courses only require a few hours of practice a week. This will give you the right motivation whilst holding you accountable in your Italian language learning journey. 

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Our Online Italian Courses

Flexible and with a practical approach, our online courses will have you speaking Italian from day one. We understand not everybody learns in the same way. That’s why we have developed a range of options. Choose the course that best suits your needs. Please note that you get a discount on the Writing Room if you are already doing one of our courses. Reach out for the discount.

The Italian Private Room

Book a free 15-minute call
to tell us about your goals and
needs, and start your fully
personalized Italian
learning journey.

The Italian Conversation Room

Feeling stuck when speaking Italian?
Do you know the basics but cannot
speak fluently and confidently? This
course takes your speaking skills and
confidence to the next level
with real-life topics.
Are you looking to work on both
Italian grammar and speaking?
Join our interactive group lessons:
we will take you on a journey to
fluency combining video lessons
and live speaking sessions.
Writing and speaking Italian are two
sides of the same coin: here you get
to do both! Improve your vocabulary,
grammar and pronunciation
with fully personalized feedback.

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What our students say:

Gary, USA

I listened to your comments on my video. It was another example of the care and precision that you put in your job as teachers. l am really lucky to have found you. Also, you are a great team as teachers. Grazie tanto tanto

Niki, Austria

Last weekend I visited
Bologna with my daughter
and it was the first time that I
didn’t feel the need to bring
a dictionary with me. The
activities and the atmosphere
in our conversation
courses gave me the
confidence to use my ltalian
knowledge. Thank you so
much tor your support!
I really recommend
your courses to everyone!

Lynn. USA

My friends wanted to know
why my Italian is better
andI told them: ltalian
Conversation Room! I love this
course. There are a lot oft new
words tor me, but very usetul
words! After each lesson,
I have a big smile because
I’ve learned something new
and we had fun

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Learn something new every day with our posts and videos, stay in touch and get extra content in our Stories, and read the Italian news with Clara every Thursday at 2pm CET live on Instagram and Facebook at Caffè con Clara!

Join our 100k learners on Social Media

Learn something new every day with our videos and posts, get updates and extra content in our Stories, and read the Italian news with Clara in Caffè con Clara every Thursday at 2pm CET live on Facebook and Instagram!

Happiness guarantee

We put you first. Our priority is that you have the best experience with us. This is why we have a happiness guarantee: if you see no results, didn’t learn anything or believe that what we sold is not what we promised, you can ask for a refund.

Flexibility guarantee

Our offer is flexible which means that:
– You can move your payment from one course to another. Please note you can only do this before the start of the course.
– You can change your group in a course. Please note this is subject to availability after the start of the course.

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