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Do you want to speak Italian with ease and confidence?

Then, this course is perfect for you!


The Italian Conversation Room is an immersive speaking course that will elevate your confidence and speaking skills through engaging discussions on authentic topics that reflect real-life situations. 

What truly distinguishes us are the small-group sessions, limited to just 3 students, ensuring an intimate learning environment with ample speaking practice and personalized feedback.

Each lesson is led by a dedicated and certified teacher who actively participates in the class delivering unparalleled personalized feedback and support – pivotal elements of our approach.

Discover the joy of authentic Italian conversation with the guidance and support that make our speaking-focused course truly exceptional.

How it works:


This course is for you if:

  • You seek a supportive environment to practice speaking Italian confidently.
  • You crave feedback and correction for continuous improvement.
  • You feel insecure or stuck in your Italian-speaking journey.
  • You want to discuss interesting topics with enhanced vocabulary.
  • You prefer a small group setting for personalized attention.
  • You’ve been searching for a structured approach to speaking Italian.

Additional benefits:

  • Receive a special return student discount for the Conversation Room.
  • Gain access to our private community for engaging activities and ongoing support.
If you can't attend your scheduled lesson, you can join another class at your level if there is availability, meaning if the class is not full (less than 3 students). We try our best to ensure you don't miss your weekly lesson.
Upon completing the lessons, you have the option to continue the course at an exclusive discount. Many students choose to participate regularly in our Conversation Room to maintain and improve their Italian proficiency. We highly recommend ongoing engagement in the course for the best results. Additionally, please note that at the end of the lessons, we provide a break for review and relaxation.
No, they won't be the same! Not only do the topics change every week but also with each edition. This dynamic approach enhances your Italian proficiency and enriches your vocabulary across a broad spectrum of subjects.
The materials are available on our website. You will have access to the materials one week before the course begins. Every Thursday, you will find the materials for the following week available, allowing you time to explore the extra resources and exercises.
The Conversation Room, unlike many other conversation courses, is open to 3 levels: beginners (A1/A2), intermediates (B1, B2), and advanced (C1). We believe it's important to practice speaking at every level. The more you speak, the better you become. The less you speak, the more you remain stuck. This course is not open to absolute beginners (we are working on a separate program for this level).
If you're unsure which level to choose, please take this test:
Of course! We've seen many students advance to higher levels. Students who joined the course as intermediates are now in advanced classes. The same goes for beginners who are now intermediates or advanced. This course is designed to help you progress and increase your confidence in speaking Italian. You'll be surprised by your improvements!

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Enrolled: 7 students
Duration: 8 weeks
Lectures: 3
Level: Beginner
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