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Do you want to become confident in speaking Italian?

Then why not try The Italian Conversation Room. It’s a great way for you to learn (and impress your Italian friends and family! ). You become proficient in Italian by practising speaking skills with others at a similar stage of learning. Speaking flluent italian onlline together over time is a truely rewarding feeling. Even if you have heard or tried it before, this course is different.

What makes the Conversation Room Different?

All of the classes are small (maximum 4 students!), the real-life topics (think food, culture, and more), the comprehensive and tailor-made materials (covering key aspects such as grammar and listening) and My Italian Room tutors, Clara and Martina, present to help and give you personalized feedback. You will also experience Clara’s great sense of humour and expertise in Italian expressions and aperitivo, and Martina’s love for food and grammar.

Joking aside, it really is a fun way to learn and a true help to build up your confidence. While you are doing it from the familiar surroundings of home, you get the opportunity to experience real Italian conversation without the feeling of pressure to do so.

The Conversation Room is a fixed number of classes with the same attendees over a set time and day. As a result, each tutorial will help you feel at ease through familiar faces and a familiar approach. The side effects that you will experience are a growing grasp of Italian vocabulary, understanding of grammar and confidence on how to use them when speaking with others. Oh, and a growing desire of leaving everything and moving to Italy!

This will be your next step on the road to becoming fluent and confident in speaking and understanding Italian. It really is about taking you to a new level.

​Will the Italian Conversation Room be Suitable for Me?

Take a quick look at the questions below and be honest to yourself with your answers:

  • You feel stuck when speaking Italian: you know the theory but words can’t come out?
  • You don’t feel confident when speaking Italian?
  • You want to be able to have a proper conversation in Italian, not just ordering coffee?
  • You want to become fluent and confident in Italian?

Answered Yes or even Not sure to any of them? Then the Italian Conversation Room will definitely benefit you.

How the Italian Conversation Room Course Works

Each course comprises a weekly one-hour lesson over a 7-week period.

You will be in a small class of maximum 4 students plus My Italian Room’s tutors, Clara and Martina. All the students will be at your same level. The small classes enable you to speak a lot, get personalized feedback, and have a community of friends who motivate you.

We send each student the helpful materials in advance each week. They include guiding questions, a listening exercise, a grammar revision with exercise, and useful vocabulary. That way you do not arrive at the session worrying will you cope. Amazing, right?!

For each lesson, you also get your personal workbook, access to the lesson notes and your very own familiar private community. It’s a great way to make friends who can support you, while you support them too.

Intrigued, Interested? Then Message My Italian Room

If you have questions or concerns, or you simply want to find out more, you can get in touch with us. There really is nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Martina or Clara can also book you in for a mutually convenient 10-minute call. They will confirm course availability, by date and time. They can also assess your current proficiency from beginner to experienced. Don’t worry, it isn’t a grilling, and it will be in private! Assessment is extremely important so My Italian Room can match you up with other students of a similar ability. By doing so, you won’t feel you are being held back or that you are being left behind.

Remember that whilst doing the Italian Conversation Room, you will get a life-time discount on the course, and a discount on The Italian Writing Room.

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Still Not Convinced Yet?

Don’t just listen to My Italian Room. See what other attendees had to say about My Italian Room:

Other Italian Lessons Offered by MyItalianRoom

The Italian Conversation Room is just one option we offer. Our range of lessons can all work together to give great results. Our focus is to enable you to improve your language skills and to give you the self-confidence when speaking. Feel free to have a look below and get in touch should you have any questions.

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      Ciao Filomena, thank you for your comment. The price for The Italian Conversation Room is £128 for 8 lessons. There a re 3 students + 1 teacher in each class. You can find the info on our website in the section Courses > Conversation. Let me know if you need any help. Ciao!

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